What Should I Expect at the Conclusion of the Assessment?

You will participate in a feedback session at which time I will go over the results of your child’s evaluation.

  • I will explain your child’s strengths and weaknesses and how they impact his or her learning and functioning.
  • Your child will be given a diagnosis if one is appropriate.
  • Most importantly, I will provide you with educational and treatment recommendations with the goal of optimizing your child’s development, learning, and social emotional skills.
  • I almost always provide reports at the time of feedback, or at the latest within one week of the feedback meeting, assuming all the needed paperwork has been returned.
  • I will provide ongoing consultation and monitoring of your child, especially when a new diagnosis has been given (such as autism spectrum disorder).  I am available to help you obtain the services you need and answer questions along the way.
  • I can attend school meetings and provide consultation as your child continues to grow and develop. I often conduct repeat assessments (e.g. every 1-2 years depending on what is needed) to monitor your child’s skills over time.