What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?


It is a specialized assessment of children age six and older for a wide range of developmental, learning, behavioral, social, and emotional concerns.  A neuropsychological evaluation will assess areas such as your child’s cognitive abilities (intelligence), visual spatial skills, language, attention, memory, executive functioning, and social emotional functioning. 

Who refers children for such an evaluation?

Parents, pediatricians, and teachers who have concerns about a child’s development

What type of questions can be answered?

  • My child is having trouble focusing in school, does he have ADHD?
  • My child seems to have trouble expressing her thoughts and feelings, what can I do?
  • My child is having trouble connecting with other children, could he have autism?
  • What school or therapeutic intervention is best for my child?
  • My child avoids reading and is starting to feel down on herself about school, how can I help her?