What is an Autism Diagnostic Evaluation?

An Autism Diagnostic Evaluation is a specialized assessment to determine whether your child has an autism spectrum disorder.  Typically children are referred for such an evaluation due to concerns from parents, pediatricians, daycare providers,  teachers, or other caregivers.


I specialize in evaluations for autism spectrum disorders for very young children (ages 0-5 years).  My evaluations include autism specific tests including the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), in which I have received the highest level of training.  These tests look at your child's social interaction skills and play.

An evaluation for autism will also include assessment of your child's cognitive and language skills to provide an overall understanding of your child's development.  I believe early and accurate diagnosis is essential to allow children to receive intervention as quickly as possible.  If your child receives a diagnosis, I am available to help you navigate the first steps in setting up treatment for your child.

Please see the "Neurodevelopmental Assessment"and "What to Expect" tabs for more information about what is involved in an evaluation for autism.